6×9 Postcard Mailing Template USPS Free

On the off chance that you like the customary ENORMOUS postcard design, look at this 6×9 Postcard Mailing Template USPS!

Simple to plan with two structure alternatives.

Spare with future-dated printing!

The Top 2+ Structure Alternatives of 6×9 Postcard Mailing Template USPS

In case you’re making a postcard, you likely need to send it through postal assistance. To do that you need to follow a couple of basic rules:

  • Thickness – Postcards should have a thickness between .178 mm and .406 mm;
  • Shape – Postcards should be an even, rectangular shape. At any rate, they should be 105 mm high and 148 mm long. At the most extreme, they might be 235 mm long and 120 mm high. Regardless, it is ideal to remain erring on the side of caution and make your postcard somewhat more modest than the greatest and somewhat bigger than the base. Continuously utilize a ruler and measure cautiously;
  • Tones and Typography – A postcard might be any tone as long as what is composed on it, particularly the location, is clear and simple to see. It is in every case best to leave the note side as liberated from adornment as could be expected. Save your creative abilities for the cover.

We think customized mail is keen advertising.

Our 6×9 Postcard Mailing Template USPS enables you to EFFECTIVELY customize it by utilizing Microsoft Office Word.

We present two designs that you can take without PAYING a penny.


All these postcard templates are available to you for FREE!

Free 6×9 Postcard Template USPS

This 6×9 Postcard Template USPS has the right design based on US Postal Service provisions.

We only distinguish the color of the template.

That’s quite USEFUL in editing.

The 6×9 Postcard Template USPS instant download (Docx format FREE).

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Free 6×9 Postcard Mailing Template USPS

Simple and friendly appearance.

Applies to anyone who has this 6×9 Postcard Mailing Template. Various lines of description are CLARIFIED with the use of different colors.

The 6×9 Postcard Mailing Template USPS instant download (Docx format FREE).

Don’t forget to complete the front of this postcard template with the Postcard Back Template!

We prepare this Postcard Template based on a layout by Click2mail.com. We chose it because of the high level of EXTENSION of use.

TAKE all of these postcard templates at once in two structure alternatives: PDF | Docx.

We give 6×9 Postcard Mailing Template USPS for probably the most widely recognized work area plan applications. These templates are set up for the direction, right size, and veiling to guarantee similarity with your Microsoft Office.

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