6×11 Postcard Template FREE (2+ Customizable Designs)

You won’t find many 6×11 Postcard Template designs that are provided FREE of charge.

But you also get ease in using it.

But what we offer is BETTER.

Free and easy to use.

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The 2+ Customizable Designs of 6×11 Postcard Template FREE

Our 6×11 Postcard Template helps you showcase your business in a major manner.

You don’t have to contract an expert visual architect when you can print custom postcards with your Microsoft Office Word.

Regardless of whether you’re advancing your image, publicizing an up-and-coming occasion, conveying an exceptional message, or sending solicitations, our 6×11 Postcard will get you to take note.

There are 2 types of 6×11 Postcard designs that you can take and prepare.

Namely 6×11 Postcard Mailing Template and 6×11 Postcard Template USPS.

All made with Microsoft Office Word.

Easy to customize and use!

The 6×11 Postcard Mailing Template Free Download

Basically, we make it with the same design. Including this 6×11 Postcard Mailing Template.

We follow the RULES of using postcards and do something about it to make them easier to use.

Don’t forget the Postcard Back Template!

Download it now for FREE in Docx format!

On the off chance that the paper you are utilizing isn’t sufficiently thick, it’s feasible to stick two sheets together.

If you pick this course, the best cycle is to stick the sheets together and afterward let them sit under a book or other weighty, level item for the time being.

This will permit a lot of time for the paste to dry and hold the paperback from wrinkling.

When you have the paper you need to utilize, it’s an ideal opportunity to quantify the size you need. Utilize a ruler and a pen or pencil to check the size.

Twofold watches that the entirety of the estimations are right and each line is straight. Cut on the lines with scissors or a paper shaper.

Presently you have a reasonable base for your postcard. If you intend to try different things with a couple of various plans, it could be a smart thought to make a couple of all the more for good measure.

The 6×11 Postcard Template USPS (Customizable Format)

These 6×11 Postcard Template USPS follow the provisions of the United States Postal Service. Created and prepared for those of you who want to use USPS services.

Find out more in our complete USPS Postcard Templates!

Download it now for FREE in Docx format!

On the front of your card, you can allow your inventiveness to sparkle.

There are, notwithstanding, a few limitations. The greater part of these impediments is sound judgment, yet a couple is barely noticeable and will bring about your postcard being dismissed at the mailing station.

To guarantee that everything goes easily, kindly remember these tips.

We produce this 6×11 Postcard Template with emulate designs by PSPrint.com. We prefer it because of the high level of EXTENSION of use. But, you need to spend some money to get it.

GET all of them at once in two optional packages: PDF | Docx.

Pick a 6×11 Postcard Template and alter it with hues to coordinate your image.

Include your LOGO or different illustrations. At that point modify your textual style and include your very own content.

Try a slightly shorter size like a 6×9 Postcard Mailing Template!

It’s never been SIMPLER to print customized the Postcard Template your clients will love!

5×7 Postcard Template for Word: 2+ Optimal Designs FREE

The 5×7 Postcard Template for Word with 2+ OPTIMIZED designs is prepared just for you.

Choose the file format you want (PDF or Word).

Or download all of them in Two Package.

We need to emphasize that they are FREE!

The 2+ Optimal Designs of 5×7 Postcard Template for Word Free

Set another standard with our 5×7 Postcard Template for Word, which lets you print postcards a size bigger than the standard 4×6 Postcard Template size.

Greater is BETTER with regards to standard mail showcasing.

Along these lines, our 5×7 Postcard Template for Word can give you the edge for your postcard battles.

Every template includes a delightful, enticing plan made by an expert planner.

Yet, you can customize your postcards with your Microsoft Office Word!

Here are 2 optimal designs that we offer:

  1. 5×7 Postcard Template USPS; and
  2. 5 x 7 Postcard Mailing Template

So, let us show them to you!

The 5×7 Postcard Template USPS Free Download

This 5×7 Postcard Template USPS was made with the provisions and examples of the USPS Postcard Template that we found. Starting from the size, boundary, and usage.

Save to your computer in Docx format FREE!

The initial segment of this interaction is picking what kind of paper you need to utilize. The most straightforward thing to begin with is standard cardstock. Given the rules over, this implies that covered cardstock of either 270, 298, or 325, g/m2 is ideal. Remember that uncoated or "vellum" cardstock may have a less uniform thickness. In the event that you don't have any postcard-commendable paper close by, consider upcycling a portion of your garbage mail.

The 5 x 7 Postcard Mailing Template Free Download

This we made also based on the BEST examples we got.

You can customize this 5 x7 Postcard Mailing Template before using it.

And stick to the RULES and conditions for using postcards in your area!

Save to your computer in Docx format FREE!

We prepare this 5×7 Postcard Template for Word based on designs by PSPrint.com. We pick out it because of the high level of EASE of application.

SAVE all postcard templates at once in two preference packages: PDF | Docx.

Regardless of whether you are making a postcard or an ID, you can spare paper by fitting two cards on a standard size page.

You can make one card and duplicate it to fit two to a page.

Or on the other hand, you can make two distinct cards to fit on a solitary page.

This is a significant part to get right.

On the “note” side of your postcard, define a boundary down the middle. Make a point to gauge and track down the center precisely, denoting a point on the two edges before taking a stand.

Then, at that point make three equivalent lines on the lower part of the right side. Keep in mind, the upper piece of the right side is the place where the stamp goes. The left side is the place where you will compose your note later.

6×9 Postcard Mailing Template USPS Free

On the off chance that you like the customary ENORMOUS postcard design, look at this 6×9 Postcard Mailing Template USPS!

Simple to plan with two structure alternatives.

Spare with future-dated printing!

The Top 2+ Structure Alternatives of 6×9 Postcard Mailing Template USPS

In case you’re making a postcard, you likely need to send it through postal assistance. To do that you need to follow a couple of basic rules:

  • Thickness – Postcards should have a thickness between .178 mm and .406 mm;
  • Shape – Postcards should be an even, rectangular shape. At any rate, they should be 105 mm high and 148 mm long. At the most extreme, they might be 235 mm long and 120 mm high. Regardless, it is ideal to remain erring on the side of caution and make your postcard somewhat more modest than the greatest and somewhat bigger than the base. Continuously utilize a ruler and measure cautiously;
  • Tones and Typography – A postcard might be any tone as long as what is composed on it, particularly the location, is clear and simple to see. It is in every case best to leave the note side as liberated from adornment as could be expected. Save your creative abilities for the cover.

We think customized mail is keen advertising.

Our 6×9 Postcard Mailing Template USPS enables you to EFFECTIVELY customize it by utilizing Microsoft Office Word.

We present two designs that you can take without PAYING a penny.


All these postcard templates are available to you for FREE!

Free 6×9 Postcard Template USPS

This 6×9 Postcard Template USPS has the right design based on US Postal Service provisions.

We only distinguish the color of the template.

That’s quite USEFUL in editing.

The 6×9 Postcard Template USPS instant download (Docx format FREE).

Find more of a kind in:

Free 6×9 Postcard Mailing Template USPS

Simple and friendly appearance.

Applies to anyone who has this 6×9 Postcard Mailing Template. Various lines of description are CLARIFIED with the use of different colors.

The 6×9 Postcard Mailing Template USPS instant download (Docx format FREE).

Don’t forget to complete the front of this postcard template with the Postcard Back Template!

We prepare this Postcard Template based on a layout by Click2mail.com. We chose it because of the high level of EXTENSION of use.

TAKE all of these postcard templates at once in two structure alternatives: PDF | Docx.

We give 6×9 Postcard Mailing Template USPS for probably the most widely recognized work area plan applications. These templates are set up for the direction, right size, and veiling to guarantee similarity with your Microsoft Office.

4×9 Postcard Template Word: 2+ Main Choices FREE

The 4×9 Postcard Template Word. Another alternative to postcard templates with a height of 4 inches.

We offer 2 main choices for FREE for you.

Download them in Two Package!

The 2+ Main Choices of 4×9 Postcard Template Word Free Download

Creating your own postcard can be just about as straightforward or perplexing as you decide to make it.

You can begin with plain, locally acquired cardstock and print a flawless picture on the front and leave things at that.

On the other hand, you can get somewhat audacious and explore different avenues regarding sparkle, string, decoupage, and paint.

The 4×9 Postcard Template Word is straightforward and moderate devices in publicizing.

They’re proficient with regards to educating the general population about your business’ items and administrations.

The test of utilizing a 4×9 Postcard is that you need to plan it as an alluring method to make your intended interest group get your prints from a rack.

The two main choices we offer at the moment are Standard Postcard Template 4×9 and 4×9 Postcard Printing.

Download directly (in Docx format) or both with two different file types.

Standard Postcard Template 4×9 Free Download

It’s clear that this Standard Postcard Template 4×9 is longer than the 4×6 Postcard Template that we previously published.

This is another alternative to postcard templates with a height of 4 inches.

FREE Direct Download (Docx format).

Regardless of if you need a card to say thanks, a greeting, or are sending an update to light up a companion's day, settling on your postcard is an amazing decision.

The 4×9 Postcard Printing Free Download

This 4×9 Postcard Printing is made with a GENERAL design from the United States Postal Service (USPS). You can find MORE at our USPS Postcard Templates.

FREE Direct Download (Docx format).

If you've effectively checked the store for postcards, odds are you didn't discover any or they were completely embellished with nearby tourist spots.

We produce this 4×9 Postcard Template build upon designs by PSPrint.com. We pick out it since of the high level of SIMPLICITY of utilization.

SAVE all of 4×9 Postcard Template Word at once in TWO choices packages: PDF | Docx.

The quality of these cards in publicizing lies in their appearance, particularly in their structure. A significant factor that requires consideration is its measurement.

If you need to make your postcard considerably more special, particularly during the Christmas season, utilize custom postage stamps to make your mail stick out.

This is an extraordinary method to join another photograph of your outing into your postcard design without occupying an extra room.

Regardless of whether you’re new to this side of writing material or have been sending postcards for some time currently, realizing how to address a postcard appropriately will save you additional time and persistence.

4×6 Postcard Template Word: 2+ Mailing Designs FREE

Today you might not find the right 4×6 Postcard Template Word. Because the design is complicated or difficult to edit. Especially if you are not very good at Photoshop.

No need to be upset!

We will offer you 2+ BEST Mailing designs. Easy to edit, easy to apply, and easy to get in Two Package for FREE!

The 2+ Best Mailing Designs of 4×6 Postcard Template Word

In case you’re searching for motivation for what to write in your 4×6 Postcard, you can ponder your excursion to make your postcard all the more intriguing.

Your 4×6 Postcard beneficiary will need to find out about something energizing or fun that you’ve encountered.

As you know in the beginning, that we will offer you 2 of the best designs.

Each 4×6 Postcard Template Word represents the type of postcard that will be prepared.

One for standard postcards and another for U.S. Postal Service.

If it’s easy to use to be the best postcard indicator in your opinion, we have it all!

Complete with 5+ Best Options of Postcard Back Template Free.

Free Customizable 4×6 Postcard Template USPS

The 4×6 Postcard Template USPS. Specially designed to be shipped within the United States and through the US Postal Service.

Download this 4×6 Postcard Template USPS FREE in Docx format!

Sending a postcard offers your loved ones an exceptional look into your excursion or objective. To make your postcard exceptional, you ought to guarantee that your card is tended to appropriately so you can keep away from any disasters.

More similar postcards in USPS Postcard Template with 6+ Mailer Design Choices!

The 4×6 Postcard Mailing Template Free Editable

The 4×6 Postcard Mailing Template. The standard design of postcard templates for general use. The appearance is not so different from the US Postal Service version.

Download this 4×6 Postcard Mailing Template FREE in Docx format!

Utilize the clear space on the left-hand side of the postcard to compose your opinions, learnings, and whatever else you need to share about your movements. It is consistently ideal to share your number one memory or revelation from your outing so your message feels selective. The beneficiary will need to catch wind of anything uncommon you experienced or got the hang of during your experience. You can expound on individuals you met, food varieties that you tasted interestingly, another action that you tested, or attractions you visited.

We designed this 4×6 Postcard Template Word based on the appearance of Postcardmania.com. We made it that way because it would be easy to prepare.

Download this 4×6 Postcard Template Word in two packages at once (PDF | Docx).

You can likewise incorporate travel tips that are explicit to your experience and give the beneficiary selective bits of knowledge on your excursion.

In case you’re searching for motivation for what to compose on your postcard, you can ponder your outing to make your postcard seriously intriguing.

Your postcard beneficiary will need to find out about something invigorating or fun that you’ve encountered.

You can likewise incorporate travel tips that are explicit to your experience and give the beneficiary restrictive bits of knowledge on your excursion.

USPS Postcard Template: 6+ Mailer Choices FREE

If you currently need a USPS Postcard Template, then we offer an EFFICIENT use.

Our 4+ Main Choices are very simple!

Its use is clear and makes it EASY for anyone.

Get all in Two Package FREE!

The 6+ Main Choices of USPS Postcard Template FREE

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has guidelines for everything and postcards are no special case. On the off chance that you are doing a Postcard Mailing effort.

And need to utilize the USPS then you should adhere to their standards.

They let you know precisely where the blank area of the postcard should be for the location, barcoding, and postage.

This USPS Postcard Template is made in Microsoft Office Word 2007. This is intended so that anyone can use it, without DIFFICULTY.

We will show some of them as an example.

We refer to Uprinting.com in creating this Postcard Template design. Simple and easy to use.

Usps Postcard Template 6×9 Free Download

We took the example of a USPS Postcard Template 6×9 inches. The outline is outside the template. Quite easy to understand.

Download this USPS Postcard Template 6×9 (Editable Format) directly in Docx format!

Regardless of whether you're voyaging or searching for a brilliant note to communicate life's euphoria, sending a postcard to a companion or adored one is a sweet signal. 

Albeit web-based media has made it very simple to share your undertakings, you can, in any case, accept the exemplary appeal and warmth of sharing your whereabouts by postcard.

USPS Postcard Mailing Template Free Download

We took a USPS Postcard Mailing Template with a size of 6×11 inches. The appearance and color are no different from the first. The line’s description is inside the template.

If it’s annoying, then you can delete it.

In the event that you'd prefer to share a photograph of your friends and family during your movements, we recommend the subsequent choice so your postcard is interesting and unique.

Download this USPS Postcard Mailing Template (Editable Format) directly in Docx format!

USPS Postcard Mailer Template Free Download

We chose a USPS Postcard Mailer Template with a size of 4×9 inches. There are many other sites that you can get. You can check in the gallery about the total USPS Postcard Free Template designs that we offer.

Download this USPS Postcard Mailer Template (Editable Format) directly in Docx format!

You have two alternatives when settling on the best way to send your postcard.

You can purchase a postcard from a nearby shop while an extended get-away or you can utilize your photographs from making a trip to make and convey custom postcards when you return.

Download all USPS Postcard Free Template designs at once to be more efficient. [Docx | PDF]

For more examples, you can check out our gallery at the end of this article. If you are satisfied with what you see, then you just have to download them.

There are two packages that you can use, the Docx package or the pdf package. Either way, nothing is paid.

Their GUIDELINES likewise go into foundation shading, photographs and pictures, and foundation shading. They additionally refer to measurements and prohibition zones for different sizes of postcards.

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